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 3 Reasons Why You Need to Check Your MID Before Buying Car Insurance

If you’re looking to buy car insurance, you should be asking yourself How much will I pay? But before you can even ask yourself that question, you need to ask one more—Is my MID up-to-date? It turns out, there are good reasons why the Motor Insurance Database (MID) matters more than any other single factor when it comes to determining how much car insurance costs you. Here are three of them.

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What is a motor insurance database?

Motor insurance database (MID) is a central record of all insured vehicles in Great Britain. It records information such as personal details, vehicle and insurance type, policy number and registered keeper. For obvious reasons it’s a very important document for anyone who owns or drives a car, but before you visit your insurer it’s always worth checking your details are correct on their system. At worst you could save yourself some money by doing so; at best you could avoid claims being rejected because of data errors that aren’t your fault!

How does MID affect you?

Not having a record on MID won’t be an issue if you own a classic car or van, but could present problems when applying for car insurance. The Motor Claims Reduction Organisation (MCRO) can add vehicles to your profile if they have sight of them and you haven’t added yourself. Adding yourself is easy, though; head over to its website for more details about getting your vehicle into record. If you don’t want to deal with MCRO directly, you can also ask your insurer to do it for you. They will then share that information with other insurers who may offer cheaper quotes as a result.

What are the risks?

If your vehicle is currently on record as being un-insured, you’re not going to be able to buy an insurance policy for it. The same applies if you don’t have up-to-date documentation for your vehicle; if there are any changes that need to be made—whether that means adding a new driver or vehicle modifications—it should be done in conjunction with updating your record with motor services. Failure to do so may result in lapses within your insurance policy, which means that you could be left without cover. Therefore, it's worth checking your database first before purchasing a car insurance quote and potentially saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

How to check your own number?

The easiest way to check your number, if you have a computer, is via GoCompare. If you’re after a free quote then it will also tell you what class your car is (1A, 2A etc). Once GoCompare has verified that it does indeed have your policy details, you’ll be given access to both your own information and an example of what other people with a similar profile can expect from their insurer. We should say, however: just because one insurer quotes for say £200 more than another doesn’t mean you should automatically go with them. Factors like brand image, claims record and customer service play major roles in determining which insurer should get your business – so make sure those are taken into account too!

What if you don't see it?

If you bought a car that was never registered, or insured, and are now looking for car insurance, it’s likely that your application will be declined. By failing to check your MID, you run a high risk of wasting time and money as you may find yourself unable to drive or insure your vehicle. So don’t delay; check your record today!

 What if you have had a change of name, address or even car? If any of these things happen it’s vital that you let your insurance company know so that they can update their records. If any of these changes occur after you have taken out cover, you will need to make sure your policy reflects your current information and be aware that if there is no record on your MID, then under Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, insurers can use these changes as a basis for terminating your policy. What’s more, even if they don’t terminate it they may well refuse to pay out in case they are later held liable for an accident or incident caused by these changes. So don’t delay; check your record today!


There are a few things that can affect your car insurance premium. When you're choosing your motor insurance, it's important to know what they are and why they might affect your cost. If you want lower premiums in 2019, make sure you check your Motor Insurance Database (MID) report before signing on with an insurer. It'll help ensure you get the best deal!

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