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Insurance on a Tesla: How to Get the Best Rates

A Tesla Model S can cost around $100,000 to purchase, so it only makes sense that an insurance company would charge you the same amount for comprehensive coverage. But that’s not the case at all; in fact, finding good rates for Tesla insurance isn’t difficult if you know where to look and what to do. Follow these steps and keep your car protected from any threats it may face out on the road!

Are you looking for comprehensive or liability only coverage?

Comprehensive and liability insurance, or just liability coverage? Most states require car owners to purchase some form of auto insurance. Comprehensive coverage is ideal if you own an expensive car or if you have lots of other assets that could be put at risk in an accident, but it’s often not required by law. Liability only covers damage you cause to others and their property—so think carefully about how much protection you need. If you live in a no-fault state, your insurance company will pay for damages up to your policy limits regardless of who was at fault for an accident. If you live in a tort state, your insurance company will pay for damages beyond your policy limits if they are found liable for causing an accident. In either case, comprehensive insurance may be necessary depending on what kind of driver you are and what kind of vehicle you drive.

Will your insurance go up if you file a claim?

There are many factors that affect your insurance rates. Some of these factors are very difficult to predict, like accidents and other insurance claims you may have filed in your history. While it’s impossible to give a definitive answer about whether filing one claim will mean your premiums will increase in the future, here are some of the factors that could impact your rate going forward if you file an auto insurance claim. It’s important to remember that insurance companies want you as a customer, so they don’t want to scare you away by making predictions that aren’t certain. If they say something like your rates won’t go up after filing a claim, but we can’t guarantee it, take them at their word. The following list is not all-inclusive; your situation is unique based on where you live and what company insures you.

Does it matter where you park your Tesla?

One of the most important factors that car insurance companies look at is where you park your car. Since Teslas are all-electric vehicles, they're more likely to be parked in high-risk areas—such as apartment complexes and indoor garages with open parking spaces—which means their risk for theft is greater than average. That's why if you own a Tesla, it's essential that you get your insurance from an insurer that offers free or discounted valet service when you insure your car with them.

 If you don't own a valet service, or if you own your Tesla for longer than 3 months and don't want to pay for it month after month, there's another option: get an insurance company that offers free valet services in exchange for higher premiums. The savings from not having to pay valet fees each month will more than make up for any premium increase you might have gotten when choosing one of these providers.

Do you need physical damage coverage?

Most drivers need physical damage coverage, which will pay out if your car is damaged in an accident you’re responsible for. Physical damage coverage includes collision and comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers damage that isn’t your fault, such as hail or vandalism, while collision pays out if you’re at fault for an accident, no matter who else was involved. Do you need liability insurance?: Liability insurance pays out if you are held legally liable for an accident that causes injuries or property damage to others.

What if your Tesla is stolen?

If your Tesla is stolen, you’ll want to get it back. One of the first things you should do is call 911 and report your car stolen. Next, call your insurance company. Your car insurance agent can help you file an auto theft claim that will hopefully result in getting your car (and all its shiny accessories) back.

 Even if your car is found and recovered, you may still need to file an insurance claim. This could be because your car sustained damage or because personal items inside were stolen. Either way, keep in mind that filing an auto theft claim will probably result in higher insurance premiums.

Are sports cars more expensive to insure than other cars?

Sports cars are more expensive, and therefore cost more to insure. A sports car is typically used for racing or other high-speed purposes—two things that are considered risky by insurance companies. Sports cars also tend to have less protection for their occupants in case of an accident than some other types of vehicles. Their lower safety ratings also increase your risk of getting into accidents. Most insurance companies will charge you more when you drive a sports car than they would if you drove another type of vehicle.

Where can I get the best rates?

When buying insurance for your car, you’ll want to take several factors into consideration. When it comes down to shopping around for a new policy, here are some of the most important things you can do before making a final decision.

 Many insurance companies offer online tools to help you compare rates and find an affordable plan. You can even get quotes from several companies at once, saving time and effort while still ensuring you get competitive pricing. Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you choose to shop around; but no matter what route you take, it’s essential that you do your research before choosing a policy.

What discounts are available?

The majority of insurance companies don’t offer special discounts for Teslas. However, you may be able to get cheaper car insurance by combining your auto policy with another type of coverage, such as home or life insurance. For example, GEICO offers a discount if you bundle both auto and home policies together—and it’s usually more cost-effective than adding each individually. If you have homeowner’s insurance through State Farm, bundling will also give you up to 25% off your premium. You can check out other discounts here .


If you’re in the market for new car insurance, it can be tricky to figure out which company has good rates. That’s where we come in—we did all of your research for you, putting in our own time and effort. With these tips and companies, you should be able to find competitive rates for great coverage. Happy hunting!

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